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Join us and volunteer in South America!

Volunteering can be the experience of a lifetime and for some, a life changing experience. Volunteer Bolivia is an international volunteer organization that combines a volunteer service learning experience with a language immersion program for an unforgettable intercultural experience.

Our Volunteer positions are

  • affordable and custom designed
  • available both for short and long term commitments
  • offered in a variety of social and community organizations
  • New volunteer positions

Let us provide you with the opportunity to make new friends, define a new career, develop new skills, and share your skills with others.

"I had a brilliant time during my volunteer work. I was given a choice of projects and was able to choose the one which best fit my desires." GRANT GILES, ENGLAND


volunteeringShort term volunteers are a crucial part of our program allowing us to fulfill the needs of a variety of children’s centers scattered around the periphery of Cochabamba. These centers provide services for: children whose mothers who work as maids; children of incarcerated parents; and children of low incomes families who need additional help with their schoolwork. These children are Bolivia’s “latchkey” kids. Their parents work long hours in the informal economy. Our volunteers work alongside Bolivian educators helping children with their homework; designing arts and crafts projects for all ages; or providing a pair of desperately needed extra hands.

"What you do with the children all depends on how imaginative you are and how hard you want to work. You can lead your own classes if your Spanish is up to scratch and you are always involved in all aspects of the project." ELENA CHRISTIE, ENGLAND


volunteeringLong term volunteers, are those who stay with us more than five months, speak intermediate Spanish and/or are specialized volunteers who have an expertise that matches our Bolivian colleagues´ needs. Many long term volunteers contribute in a collaboratively designed volunteer position in a small local NGO helping in the office, translating, and/or working with the Bolivian staff. If you have a specialized skill, we can place you in your profession. In the past, long term volunteers have contributed as healthcare workers, physical therapists, graphic designers, by teaching advanced computer skills or in project development.

"My experience was really good. I loved the organization and the passion of the people working there. It is such an amazing project and I am really glad to have been a part of it." JESSIKA KJELLGREN, SWEDEN




  • Teacher’s aide
  • English tutor
  • Arts and crafts instructor
  • Tutor in math and sciences
  • Working with physically challenged children


  • Visiting aide to hospitalized children
  • Tutoring hospitalized children
  • Teaching English to doctors and nurses
  • Working with malnourished children in a feeding program

Community organizations:

  • Need to commit minimally for 6 months
  • General office work
  • Helping with website, graphics, promotional materials
  • Translating documents
  • Fundraising

Come join us building a bridge to Bolivia and her people!

If you are interested in a volunteer position please fill out our application form.

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