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Cochabamba: The City of Eternal Spring

Cochabamba is centrally located in Bolivia, the heart of South America. The city is known for its superb weather, mouth watering cuisine and mesmerizing mix of cultures.


The country has a breathtaking myriad of attractions from dinosaur tracks and ancient ruins to steamy jungles and snow-capped mountains.

The city of Cochabamba offers a mind boggling cross section of neighborhoods from the newly settled migrant barrios of the zona sur to the post modern discos frequented by the wealthy.

Our offices are located in the bohemian section of town where artists and locals gather to drink coffee and discuss the country's ever fascinating political panorama.

Current Weather in Cochabamba

Scenes of Cochabamba, Bolivia



We also organize cultural tours in Bolivia. At any time of the year, tour packages may include: visits to nearby towns during their “fiestas”, exploration of the natural features of Bolivia from the Andes to the Amazon, visits to the sites of ancient civilizations, the mines of Potosi, or the wild experience of carnival in Oruro. including pre-trip orientation about the local culture. These tours an be combined with a homestay experience or with other housing arrangements. For more information on tours, check out the website for our sister organization Bolivia Cultura contact info@boliviacultura.com.

For any of the special services above please contact us for details and prices at: info@volunteerbolivia.org

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